Dietitian Services

Work with our sports dietitians for support specific to your individualized needs for your small group, team, organization or athletic department.

SOlutions for your team or athletic department

We have you covered with live and interactive performance nutrition seminars and series’, customized training tables and fueling stations, tailor-made fueling schedules, personalized travel protocols and catering support, and much more. We can even assist your organization in hiring a qualified sports dietitian to support on-site needs. Fill out this form so we can learn more about your needs and get started.

1-1 nutrition coaching and support

Athlete: Our personalized programs optimize nutrition through all periods of your training cycle. We offer a la carte Q&A sessions, semester or year long programs, and follow-up support including on demand email and text messaging as well as food log reviews. Fill out this form for new student athletes so we can send you personalized program recommendations.

Parent / Caregiver: In your high support program, your dietitian will evaluate your student athlete’s eating pattern, training and competition schedule, as well as academic obligations to provide practical education and recommendations that allow parents and caregivers to create helpful structure, improve nutrition related communications with your athlete, and ultimately improve nutrition for performance while reducing stress. Please fill out this form for a personalized proposal.

small Group coaching

Specific positions and events require different training within a team, and training differences influence nutrition demands. We offer series of small group coaching sessions for athletes who share training schedules and performance goals. Fill out our form so we can assess your needs and get started.


We have Kelly speak to our swimmers and parents every year. She relates well to the group and is always well-received by our athletes. They always make changes to their diet right after her talks that they stick to all season!
head coach
After a series of group sessions, I have a fundamental understanding of proper pre and post workout nutrition, as well as best practices for meal planning. I found the sessions were passionate and professional. The teaching style encourages both interaction and questions.
College Track Athlete
I started my 1-1 coaching program while injured, and my energy levels increased right away. I've built so much confidence navigating dining halls as well as snacking throughout the day to power my training.
College Lacrosse Athlete

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