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Provide practical, evidence-based, nutrition education and resources to student athletes who lack access to sports dietitians and performance nutrition programs.

We're registered dietitians and former student-athletes, who specialize in performance nutrition.

We’ve worked with student athletes at every level for over a decade, providing them with the education and tools we wish we had access to when we were student athletes ourselves.

We know there’s a gap in access to reputable sports nutrition information and resources. Most collegiate athletes who aren’t at power five schools aren’t able to meet with a sports dietitian and don’t have meal, snack, and supplement options tailored to their busy lifestyle and intense training schedule. We’re making practical, evidence-based, performance nutrition resources available to all.

Meet Our Dietitians

Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

owner and founder

Kelly realized the connection between nutrition and performance as a high school athlete. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, with a minor in exercise science, while competing for four years as a Division I swimmer at the University of Connecticut. From UConn, Kelly completed her dietetic internship at the University at Buffalo where she founded the internship rotation with the athletics department. She continued to work with their athletes while completing her Masters Degree in nutrition with an emphasis in exercise physiology. She has held her board certification as a specialist in sports dietetics since 2014.

While working as an associate professor, teaching nutrition, sports nutrition and creating an exercise physiology program, Kelly was also working with high school and collegiate athletes one-on-one and in group settings. She has helped a variety of teams locally in greater Philadelphia as well as virtually across the nation. Kelly has also consulted with organizations such as USA Swimming, the Philadelphia Phillies, New York Road Runners, and currently consults with the MLB and Google. She is nationally recognized in the media as a sports nutrition expert.

As a business-owner and parent who maintains a high level of fitness, Kelly continues to relate to athlete’s needs for easy, practical solutions that optimize energy levels as well as physical and mental performance. She has a hand in development and approval of all resources created for and available on this site, ensuring they have the best interests athletes in mind, not only from a performance perspective, but also with in terms of health and wellness.

Mckenna daulton MS, RD, CSCS

consulting sports dietitian

McKenna is a registered dietitian and certified strength and conditioning specialist with several years of experience in the collegiate athletics space as both a sports dietitian and strength and conditioning coach. She’s a strong believer in fueling strategically, without restriction, to foster elite performance and an enjoyable relationship with food. 

Throughout her time in college, graduate school, and her early career, McKenna has had the privilege of working with several Division I athletic departments – namely the University of Wisconsin Madison, the University of Oregon, Texas A&M University, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Eastern Michigan University and most recently the University of Michigan. She has connected with several athletes at the recreational, high school, collegiate and professional level to empower them in making intentional and practical decisions surrounding their fueling. 

McKenna’s love of people, sports, and all things food are what drive her passion to continue supporting athletes as a nutrition and fitness professional. Outside of work, she loves to cook and bake, she trains and competes in powerlifting, and she adventures in the outdoors and around the world with her fiancé, Miles.

Ellie Meyers MS, RD, CPT

Assistant sports dietitian

Ellie is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, specializing in performance nutrition for athletes and active individuals of all ages.

Coming from a family of athletes and as a former collegiate athlete herself, Ellie is passionate about developing relationships with her athletes to design effective and sustainable performance-based nutrition programs with everyday healthy fueling and hydration strategies. For this reason, she approaches performance nutrition from a holistic and flexible perspective. 

Ellie has helped athletes reach goals related to weight gain, enhanced recovery, fueling and nutrient timing to optimize training and competition, improvement of relationship with food and body, and more. She has experience working with high school, collegiate and professional athletes in 1-1 and team capacities, including sports such as baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, wrestling and more. She also assists Kelly as a consultant for Major League Baseball’s Umpire Administration.

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